The second day of the Turkcell Platinum Bosphorus Cup finished today with one light air race hosted on the Southern coast of Istanbul. Despite very little winds; the race committee decided to start one windward leeward race; which takes the boats to here the famous Princess Islands of Istanbul. 

The race and also the event was won by Istanbul Cerrahi Cheese skippered by Levent Peynirci. They were also the winners of the 2018 edition of the event. 

IRC 1 class was won by MAD X whereas shop anabolics online IRC 2 class was won by Corendon Cheese. IRC 3 class winner is Shell Alize. 

Due to the very light winds; some boats were not able to finish the race within the given time limit of 120 min. Someboats in the IRC 2 and all the boats in the IRC 3 division pregnyl kopen were unable to finish.

IRC 4 division was won by Alize G28 and the cruising class was won by the Bulgarian boat Parea.

Congratulations to Levent Peynirci for becoming the most successful skipper in the 18 year history of the Bosphorus Cup. 

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