 All sailors are required to follow the rules and regulations related to COVID 19 in Turkey.

 Those who feel sick prior to the race (symptoms such as fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing etc.) should not join the race and go to the nearest hospital.

 All team members should be attentive to each other and be cautious about each others symptoms.

 Each boat should carry face shields, masks, disinfectant liquids, soap and gloves.

 Sailors above the age of 65 should present a doctor report suggesting that he or she is eligible for sports activities.

 Those sailors who have other sickness and symptoms and who are regularly using medicines related to diabetics, who have low immunity etc.) should not race.

 Each sailor is totally responsible for their own health and required to present a written document declaring this during the registration process.

 Temperature control for each sailor needs to be done and results need to be recorded. Mostly touched parts of the boat needs to be disinfected regularly by the crew.

 Rules and Regulations related to COVID 19 need to be visible inside the boat and protect materials need to be easily accessible.

 Each sailor need to bring his own bottle of water and use it. Also food need to be personalised and not shared.

 Each Skipper / Yacht responsible hereby declares that He / She has read these regulations and accepts them.